About us

The recent situation being experienced by us all through the current pandemic is no doubt an eye opener for many of us as to how we support and deliver banking, technology and for that matter support. For banking technology specifically, whilst quick wins at a cost has been achieved, the longevity of the situation( and we are certain of other situations to come) has now prompted a rethink and in our view a niche we believe we can competently support.

For a smart technology provider to continue the promotion of technology change, sales, service, delivery and support and to achieve optimization on cost will now need to consider the use of a “Best Source Agent” (BSA).

I have patented the phrase and will speak at conferences and seminars about the term BSA, its value and opportunity which in effect is a smart providers on demand, roving yet skilled and experienced extended arm ???

Let’s discuss the opportunity and value add but more importantly the technology and business prospects ..